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Corporate support

Yoga movements for the very busy.

Yoga can be practiced at work!

With her long experience in teaching yoga at work and during corporate events Amparo can provide useful and simple techniques for a more healthy and alert work force.

Simple, yet very effective stretches are a fantastic way to keep a healthy posture during long hours in front of a desk.

With a healthy posture and a fresh mind, your day’s work will feel more productive.

Amparo gives participants a positive method to improve their health by increasing suppleness, strength and stamina which help build resistance to illness.

Specific programmes and sessions can of course be adapted to suit the needs of the participants and organisers of corporate events.

Here we will look at techniques for relaxing the mind and body, providing an opportunity to absorb and reflect on the day’s programme.

Each participant will go away with poses which they can use later, both at home and at their desk.

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